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Upcoming Exhibitions

 2020 Sept 12 - Nov 8 Biwako Biennale - Japan                                  “SHINRABANSHO~COSMIC DANCE”

 2020 April Exhibit at La Poste Museum Paris.  "Rêver l'Univers"

 "Eternal Sunset" and "Brouillard Cosmic".



Past Exhibitions

2019 Dec.21-jan.1 Solstice Exhibit at Flux Factory "Cosmic Fog"

2019 September Exhibit at 4heads Governors Island art fair. "The Reflection of fashion"

2019 April 7 In collaboration with Alina Zilenko with the new version of the show "Birth of a masterpiece" at the francophonie festiva of Moscow. Light art projection.



2018 December Sleeping Beauty Dreams show in collaboration with, Rem Hass creative producer, Diana Vishneva Prima Ballerina, Tobias Gremmler digital artist, Bart Hess costume designer, Edward Clug choreographer, Thijs de Vleiger composer, Laurent Fort light artist, Andrey Severny director.

Open show Miami at Adrienne Arch Center on December 7th and 8th

                   New York at the Beacon Theater on December 14th and 15th



2018 October 12th to Nov 11th  Exhibit at Hot Wood Arts Gallery - Brooklyn                                                                                                                                                 


2018 September 21th to 23th Exhibit at LUMINA LIGHT FESTIVAL - Cascais Portugal



2018 September 15th to November 11th BIWAKO BIENNALE - UTAKATA - Japan         Presentation of Polaris for KIZASHI~BEYOND. Collaboration with  Japanese Musician  Acoon Hibino.



2018 January 16th to 27th - Winter Light at Canary Wharf - London

Presentation of Polaris.


2017 April 4th Presentation of Polaris for "Light Art in Italy -                                              Temporary Installations 2015-2016 - Artist talk at Museo del 900" Milan Italy.


2017 February 24th Video presentation - After Thomas Wilfred, six artists and the         contemporary lumia experience curated by Joshua White at Yale University Art Gallery.
Presented in conjunction with the special exhibition "Lumia: Thomas Wilfred and the Art of Light."


2016 September / Ocober - Biwako Biennale - UTAKATA - Japan


2016 Exhibit at Federal Hall National Memorial New York for Portal 


2015  Exhibit in 4heads - Governors Island Art Fair.                      


2015 Exhibit at Elephant Paname - Paris - " The Play of Brilliants "  for 2015 Year of the Light.


2015  Exhibit at RGB Outdoor Light Festival - Rome


2014 Exhibit in 4heads - Governors Island Art Fair.                      


2013  His transfer from Italy to Unite States.

      Exhibit in Marelia Gallery in Bergamo, Italy


2012  Exhibit in Mya Lurgo Gallery in Lugano, Switzerland, in the project “Lightness Show.

      Exhibit inStraf Hotel, for the MiArt and Furniture Fair show and Salone del mobile in Milan.

2011  Was born his collection “Louminous Alchemy” exhibited in the Furniture Fair in Milano.

2010  Worked with Light Age to create projects “Lunar Light” and “Cube”.

2008  he worked with stylist ETRO once again.

2007  He started working with the “Solzi Luce” for the collection of chandeliers “Abissi”.

2006 Was invited to Lisbon to attend a charity auction organized by Assinada Art Gallery, reinterpreting an icon of a Danish design of the “waste bin” produced by VIPP-Designed.

2005  The Architectural Digest magazine awarded him with the “Young Designer Award”.
During the Furniture Fair in Milan with the Amalgama Gallery presents a new mirrors collection, characterized by acute Baroque: naïve and magical atmosphere of “Alice in Wonderland” are combined with baroque and sensual touches of a modern Casanova.

2004  Becomes officially part of the Amalgama Gallery in Milan. Thus began the period “mirror”; The mirror seduce him and became the basis of his artistic production. Oversized shapes where the geometry is smooth and clean surrounded by lead frames.

2003  Participate in the exhibition “Maison et Objet” with a new creation: “videpoches”. Once again plays with materials; “cavallini” a malleable rug made with cow skin, treated, bleached and colored globetrotter inspirations. Everything that around him: the purple of Provencal, the green of the valley, the exuberant fluorescent style of Las Vegas.

2002  Participate successfully in the Satellite Exhibition presenting the “ductile-bowl”, centerpiece-tray in lead, silicone, gold and silver. Malleable object that turns, giving different effects.

2001  Participate with the Arter Gallery in Milan at the Furniture Fair.
1999  His an important year that coincides with the beginning of his career as a designer when works with ETRO for Baglioni Hotel in London in the creation of furniture components. From here took off a series of significant number of collaborations.


1998  His transfer from France to Italy led the way to his creative ferment that soon get noticed.


1994  He attended an Audio-Visual School (ENNA) Nantes in France, with a specialization in recording studio in Paris.                                                         


1972  Born in Nantes (France).


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